Minecraft Earth Beta Released for Android


Minecraft Earth Beta Released for Android

New productions are constantly added to the productions that bring virtual reality to the game world. Immediately after the step for Pokemon Go, one of the best examples of the augmented reality genre, new games began to be announced in this area. The last ambitious production is Minecraft Earth.

The game, which was first started in beta for iOS devices and emphasized a lot by Microsoft, was also launched for the Android operating system after a short while. It was also revealed in the details of the production, which was stated that the beta records were opened, after the records were opened.
Minecraft Earth Will Surprise

According to the statement made by Microsoft, it will be possible to build giant structures in the game and to develop your own shelters to survive. In addition, it is stated that the production will attach great importance to cooperation.
Users will have to work together to build giant structures. The fact that Android support has been announced for the game that brings the Minecraft world to the real world shows that the expectations are quite high.

According to the statements made for now, it will be possible to see that the game is supported on Android 7 and above versions. There is no information about whether there will be a model limitation yet. For this, we follow the Microsoft comments. By the way, users who want to sign up for the Minecraft Earth beta process will be sufficient to use the link here.


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