Minecraft Education Edition is now available on Chromebooks!


Minecraft Education Edition is now available on Chromebooks!

Mojang Studios’ educational entertainment version of Minecraft has arrived on Chromebook devices. That’s right, if you’re using a Chromebook, you can now play Minecraft: Education Edition on the Chromebook.

Minecraft Education Edition also has cross-platform support. If you have a Chromebook and play Minecraft for education, you can continue where you left off from your Windows computer, iPad tablet and Mac computer.

Minecraft Education Edition will add the introduction of 11 new STEM lessons as well as a Minecraft world that aims to teach students the life cycle of bees and pollination, a brand new update is coming for Chrome OS, Windows, iPad and Mac.

This new update will also bring an improved lesson plan library and new tagged learning capabilities. The update will be automatically installed on all platforms except Mac systems that need to download the update manually.
It will come free with Microsoft 365.

For schools that already have Minecraft Education Edition subscriptions, don’t worry about updating. The Chromebook version of Mojang’s education-entertainment package will be included for free in Microsoft’s 365 Education licenses.


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