Minecraft Mod Astromine: Complete 1.16.3


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Astromine is a Minecraft mod made by a team of developers, originally made for ModFest 1.16. As time passed, we realized it could be much more than just a jam thing, and decided to expand its original ideals and objectives massively; eventually turning it into a fully fledged technological mod!

As of right now, Astromine is a complete content mod that you can already play with in survival, with a basic technological progression.


(Taken with Astromine on 1.16.2 with Optifine)

For essential features, we currently have:

  • Fully functional machines;
  • Fully functional fractional fluids;
  • Fully functional, simple, fractional atmospheric system;
  • For content, we currently have:

  • Rocketry that launches you into space;
  • Space, with asteroids, the Earth and a starry sky;
  • A nuclear warhead;
  • Some building blocks;
  • And now, if you believe art speaks for itself:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question 1: Will there be a forge port?


    Question 2: Is there a question two?

    Answer: Forge ports questions are all we get.

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