Minecraft Mod Autopilot 1.16.3


Autopilot is a Minecraft mod that does exactly what it says. It can auto-fly the elytra for you.


There are two flying modes:

– Rocket flight

– 4040 method

Rocket flight is simply flying forward using rockets to maintain speed. You can activate this flying mode by pressing V

The 4040 method is using a vanilla mechanic that lets you maintain altitude if you fly 40 degrees downwards and then 40 degrees upwards till you lose speed.

This mode uses very few rockets but is slower and uses more elytra durability for the same distance. You can activate 4040 mode by pressing B.

The keys used to activate the flight modes are remappable.


Elytra hot-swapping showcase


If you want to fly to a certain position you can use the new command I created:

/flyto ~ ~ [flightmode]

The autopilot will start flying in the direction of the destination and will disconnect once it arrives. You can configure the mod so that it will alert you when it arrives rather than disconnect. 



-Fly to position

-Swap elytra and continue flying when the elytra breaks

-Refill rockets from inventory if there are none in the currently selected slot

-2 flight modes

-Warn/Disconnect when you are on your last elytra and the durability is low

-Highly configurable 


This mod can be used on servers, note that some servers may permit the use of utility tools. An anti-cheat could detect this mod since it spins around unusually when trying to land, so be careful with that,


If you do find any issues or want to request a feature, please create an issue here.

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