Minecraft Mod Banknotes 1.16.3


This mod has the intention for a reliable payment method in Minecraft.

“Based on the Euro currency”


[What’s in the Mod?]
One [Coin]

Two [Coin]

Five [Banknote]

Five [Banknote] Stack

Ten [Banknote]

Ten [Banknote] Stack

Twenty [Banknote]

Twenty [Banknote] Stack

Fifty [Banknote]
Fifty [Banknote] Stack

One Hundred [Banknote]
One Hundred [Banknote] Stack

Two Hundred [Banknote]
Two Hundred [Banknote] Stack

Five Hundred [Banknote]
Five Hundred [Banknote] Stack

Thousand [Banknote]
Thousand [Banknote] Stack


[How can I exchange or add up banknotes?]

In this mod you have the option to exchange money and to make it in another banknote.

Such as:
(2x Five Banknote = 1x Ten Banknote)
(2x Ten Banknote = Twenty Banknote)
(5x Ten Banknote = Fifty Banknote)

(2x Fifty Banknote = One Hundred Banknote)

(The recipes are shapeless, also see images if you need help)


[Can I get these items in Survival?]

Yes, you can create a One [Coin] with 8 Gold Ingot and 1 Iron Ingot. (see images if you need help)

It is more meant for servers who want to play with a currency simulation.


[Is there is also a version without the recipe?]

Yes, I make sure that there are 2 versions,

Download the Banknotes-[no-recipe]-*version*


[Can I use this Mod in my Modpack?]



[Inspiration / Credits]

This mod is entirely made by myself, from start to finish. “This is my first mod”

I got Inspiration by the [Good Ol Currency] Mod but this is more of an improvement in my opinion but check BeardlessBrady definitely out!

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