Minecraft Mod Boring Tweaks 1.16.3


Boring Tweaks

NOTE: This mod is currently in alpha stages, bugs related to the config system might happen.

This is a mod that adds a small collection of tweaks that have something in common between them: they are all client-sided. They can be tweaks that does noticable tweaks or ones that are really minor but that can be good to have. All the tweaks are togglable and some are configurable.

As of 0.1.0, this mod runs on 1.15 and 1.16 snapshots and requires the Fabric API. Boring Tweaks’ config screen can be accessed through Mod Menu, but if you prefer the text editor, the config file can be found at .minecraft/config/boringtweaks.json5

Currently, these are the tweaks:

  • Fix Baby Biped Entity’s Hat Layer: This tweak fixes mobs like Baby Zombies and Baby Zombie Pigmen not having their hat layer adjusted to their sizes. Since 1.16, it’s only useful for resource packs.
  • Hide Invisible Entity’s Eyes: This tweak hides the eyes of invisible Enderman and Phantoms by default, this tweak has a configurable list of entities affected by it where modded entities or vanilla spiders can be added.
  • Change Sound Slider Behavior: This makes the sliders in the “Sound and Music Options” menu emit noise while it’s adjusted, the noise is affected by the slider’s set volume, disabled by default.
  • Change Master Volume while Away: This tweak changes the master volume to a value specified by the “Target Master Volume while Away” setting, 0 mutes the game, disabled by default.
  • Strider Easter Egg: An easter egg is an easter egg, go find it yourself. Not included on the 1.15 version.
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