Minecraft mod Brick Furnace 1.16.3


Brick Furnace

This is a Minecraft Forge mod which adds Brick Furnaces to the game. So it is possible to craft all furnaces out of clay without having stone.

It adds a Brick Furnace, a Brick Blast Furnace and a Brick Smoker. They are looking different and have other crafting recipes, but they act like the vanilla equivalents.

Villagers do not use a Brick Blast Furnace or a Brick Smoker as workplace.

It has a better game performance (less lags), because it uses the mechanisms of FastFurnace mod.

There is a config option where you can enable brick smelting at campfire. (default: disabled)

There is also a config option where you can set a cook time factor. (default: 1.0 – same time as the corresponding vanilla furnaces)

There is also a wiki where you can read all details about the mod. 


Can I use this mod in my mod pack?
Yes, you are allowed to use this mod in your mod packs.

Port to Minecraft 1.12?
Sorry, but I do not port any mod to 1.12. This version is way too old and is not supported by Forge anymore.

I found a bug or I have a good idea to enhance this mod!
Very good! Open an issue at Github. You have no Github-Account? You can also contact me here in the comments or via private message.

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