Minecraft Mod Carpet TIS Addition 1.16.3


A carpet mod (fabric-carpet) extension, a collection of carpet mod style useful tools and interesting features

Use with carpet mod in the same Minecraft version. Use newer carpet mod versions whenever possible

For more details of the mod check the github page here

In the files page, green Release means it’s a latest release, and blue Beta means it’s a release but it will no longer be supported for its Minecraft version


  • blockEventPacketRange
  • structureBlockLimit
  • xpTrackingDistance
  • tntDupingFix
  • fakePlayerNamePrefix
  • fakePlayerNameSuffix
  • renewableDragonEgg
  • dispensersFireDragonBreath
  • renewableDragonHead
  • HUDLoggerUpdateInterval
  • hopperCountersUnlimitedSpeed
  • renewableElytra
  • sandDupingFix
  • railDupingFix
  • commandRaid
  • keepMobInLazyChunks
  • dispenserNoItemCost
  • opPlayerNoCheat
  • redstoneDustRandomUpdateOrder
  • instantCommandBlock
  • lightUpdates
  • microTick
  • Loggers

  • ticket
  • memory
  • item
  • xporb
  • raid
  • microtick
  • Commands

  • /raid list
  • /raid tracking
  • /info world ticking_order
  • Other Stuffs

  • Set the maximum length of fake player’s name to 16 to prevent kicking out player
  • Set the maximum tick warp maximum duration to Integer.MAX_VALUE
  • Display the version of Carpet TIS Addition inside /carpet command
  • Download All version Minecraft Mod Links


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