Minecraft Mod Concept Of Magic Battle And Technology 1.16.3



Concept of Magic, Battle, and Technology is a mod that simply adds magic spells, more weapons, and more.



  • Introduces a new magic system, and adds new enchantments and 70+ magic spells
  • Adds new weapons, weapon variants, shields, and enchantments for these new weapons as well as the already existing ones
  • Adds new mobs to interact with, new biomes and a new dimension to explore
  • Adds small client helps like enchantment descriptions, saturation, armor toughness display, knockback resistance display, and armor values that go past diamond
  • Adds a woodcutter for crafting of wooden items
  • Adds an upgrade system where you can upgrade your player’s attributes with experience points


    There’s only so much information I can put on this little page, so if you’re looking for more check the wiki. If you’ve checked the wiki and you’re still looking for help, you can ask for assistance in my discord server and I should be able to help you there



    You’re free to add this mod in your modpack, as long as you credit where credit is due



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