Minecraft Mod Cooking for Blockheads 1.16.3



This mod adds a cooking book along with a functional kitchen to Minecraft. Use the book or the Cooking Table to find out what you can cook with what ingredients you currently have available, and start cooking immediately through a single click.

The kitchen is modular and can be upgraded through additional blocks, allowing for expanded storage, infinite water for crafting provided by the sink, or efficient and delicious cooking with the oven. Some people even went as far as capturing a cow in a jar to provide them with infinite milk!


This project is sponsored by Server.pro.

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  • Recipe book to show all food items you can craft or smelt with the things you have in your inventory
  • Upgraded recipe book that can also craft the food items with the things from your inventory
  • Multiblock Kitchens consisting of several components that each unlock new abilities
  • #NoFilter book to simply show all food item recipes (no matter what ingredients you have available)
  • Sorting options to see the most nutritious foods you can make
  • Supports Pam’s Harvestcraft as well as many other food mods




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