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About Dimensional Dungeons


Dimensional Dungeons adds limitless procedurally generated dungeons to Minecraft! These dungeons are all placed in a single, separate dimension which can be accessed from a portal anywhere on the Overworld. This makes the dungeons themselves renewable and it provides challenging, replayable content.


In addition, the dungeon dimension limits building and block breaking. This allows for a proper adventure mode-like experience on a survival server. For example, I can use pistons in my traps without giving the player free pistons. Obstacle courses can’t be bridged over. Combat can’t be trivialized by building fences around mobs. And light and darkness matter when you can’t place torches!


Besides challenges in room design the dungeons are also randomly populated with enemies and worthwhile loot! Many rooms with valuable treasure chests require solving a puzzle that will test your knowledge of Minecraft game mechanics.


In Game Information


To get started you’ll need to build a portal, craft some blank keys, and “activate” your blank keys. This video describes everything.



Additional information can be found on the new Dimensional Dungeons Wiki!


From The Developer

(Last updated: August 31, 2020)


This is my first Minecraft mod and I’m very proud of it, but not too proud to listen. Please report bugs, issues and suggestions here on Curse, either in the comments section or on the issue tracker. I read every ticket. There is also a new Discord server for discussing anything related to this mod. If you need basic help getting started then please read the wiki first. If you would like spoilers for the puzzle rooms I’ll share those if you want too.


The dungeons are made from over 100 different rooms so there should be a fair bit of exploration before the dungeons begin to feel stale. I plan to add more rooms, dungeon types, and features in future versions. Right now releasing this mod for 1.16.2 is my highest priority.


I’ve been listening to your feedback and I still have many things to work on, such as a config file and making the player exit dungeons to the coordinates that they entered from, among other things. I have much to do and much that I wish to do.


Permission is automatically granted to use this mod in any modpack. If there is a feature or config setting I can add to make your modpack more interesting then request it in the comments and I’ll consider it.



Q: 1.12 please?

A: I’m sorry but I can’t. Long but satisfying explanation below.

Unfortunately 1.12 would be too hard. This mod depends on the Forge API for implementing new blocks and dimensions and Forge has entirely changed between 1.12 and 1.14. There isn’t much Java code in this mod but I think nearly every line of code would have to be rewritten for 1.12.


Furthermore the content doesn’t back port very well either. My room structures use a lot of the new blocks added in 1.13 and 1.14 and those rooms would break or need cosmetic modifications. I also designed many rooms to use new mechanics such as waterlogging, crawling, and changes to dispensers and redstone comparitors. And item frames on the floor. More than I can remember. So the content would need to be revised too.


I actually started developing this mod on 1.12 and I had a dysfunctional beta. It wasn’t until I upgraded to Forge 1.13 (which never had a stable version) that Dimensional Dungeons finally worked. I can’t imagine going back.


Q: Considering other mod loaders?

A: No, sorry. I have enough work supporting two versions of Forge. Maybe I’ll reconsider when Dimensional Dungeons is content complete.

Q: I’m having trouble building the portal, or my portal shatters instantly when I build it!

A: Be sure to read my wiki. Also the latest version of the mod (in 1.15) will tell you in blue text why your portal failed.


Current Version: 1.07

– Added over 20 new rooms and redesigns of existing rooms!

– Thank you to MagpieMaydin for designing the ‘yinyang’ room.

– The 1.14.4 version includes a potential compatibility fix for the “lootr” mod. But I did not test it.


Version: 1.06

– Removed the requirement for banners to be dyed. Now hanging any white or purple banner is enough to enter an advanced dungeon.

– Portal Keyhole Blocks are now capable of literally telling the player why their portal construction failed. (1.15.2 only.)


I hope to re-add the requirement to dye the banners with particular patterns someday. It seems that Mojang made every method of BannerTileEntity client-only in newer versions of 1.15.2. This causes me to crash on the latest versions of Forge. (And Forge has packported this change to Forge 28.2.xxx for 1.14.4 as well.) I had plans to introduce custom banner patterns to access even more dungeons so I will definitely spend more time on this issue.


Discord Server

Continue the discussion over here too!


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