Minecraft Mod Dungeons Gear 1.16.3


This mod adds weapons, armors, artifacts and enchantments from Minecraft Dungeons to vanilla. If you aren’t completely familiar with everything, here is a list of MCD items.

You can find these items in survival in all vanilla chests as well as by trading with weaponsmiths, fletchers, armorers, leatherworkers and wandering traders.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The mod has been updated to 1.16.2 & 1.16.3 in the same mod version. The version for 1.16.1 will no longer be updated unless there is a notable modpack relying on it alongside other 1.16.1-only mods, in which case the packmaker will need to contact me.


How Loot Works:

In every chest you will find a common weapon and common armor. Depending on the rarity of the structure the chest is found in, you have a 25-100% chance of the weapon being unique instead, a 25-100% of the armor being unique instead and a 25-100% chance of also finding an artifact. You can configure these values, or disable this feature entirely.


How Trading Works:

The Weaponsmith villager sells enchanted common melee weapons at Level 4 / Master for 12+ emeralds, and enchanted unique melee weapons at Level 5 / Expert for 24+ emeralds. The same goes for the Fletcher, Armorer, and Leatherworker, but for ranged weapons, metal armors and non-metal armors respectively.

In addition, you may shift right-click a Weaponsmith to salvage a common melee weapon for 2-6 emeralds or a unique melee weapon for 4-12 emeralds. The same goes for the Fletcher, Armorer, and Leatherworker, but for ranged weapons, metal armors, and non-metal armors respectively.

The Wandering Trader will sell you a random artifact for 24 emeralds. You may also shift right-click them with an artifact to salvage it for 4-12 emeralds.

You can disable both of these features entirely.


Features Added To Combat:

Offhand Attacks (only for Daggers, Sickles and Gauntlets):

Right-clicking with a dagger, sickle or gauntlet in your off-hand will allow you to attack with it.

Note that Offhand Attacks do not activate the ability of the offhand weapon, and in a handful of circumstances will actually activate the ability of your mainhand weapon. If your mainhand’s ability has activated during an offhand attack, please do not report it as an issue because there’s simply not much I can do about it – in its current state, Minecraft is not good at handling offhand melee attacks.


Long Reach Attacks (only for Spears, Glaives and Whips):

You can hit enemies with a spear, glaive or whip from up to 5 blocks away.

Dual-Wielding Crossbows (only for the Dual Crossbow and its unique variants)
If you have a Dual Wield Crossbow (or a variant of it) in both of your hands, you will load and fire both at the same time, consuming 2x ammo for 2x arrow output. Note that only the mainhand crossbow will be rendered during loading and firing.


Weapons, Armor, Artifacts and Enchanments:

All weapons, armor and artifacts from MCD have been added, including ones from the Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter DLCs.

Unique weapons will usually have a built-in level 1 enchantment that stacks, or for chance-based enchantments, gives an additional chance, when combined with the matching enchantment. For example, a Heartstealer with an additional Leeching III enchantment works as if you had a normal weapon with Leeching IV, while a Stormlander with an additional Thundering enchantment has two 30% chances to summon a lightning strike when attacking.

Melee weapons have 250 durability, bows have 384 durability, crossbows have 326 durability, and artifacts have 64 durability. None of them are repairable, but can have Unbreaking and Mending applied on them. Armors have the same durability and basic protection level as Iron Armor.

Anything that requires Souls in MCD instead uses XP to activate abilities. For example, the Corrupted Beacon consumes XP to fire high-damage beams and the Scythes yield you more XP from killing mobs.

All enchantments which do not already have a version in vanilla have been added.


Mod Compatibility:

This mod is compatible with Enchantment Descriptions.

Armors from this mod can be worn correctly by the Guard Villager, and Illagers using the Illagers Wear Armor mod.

Things To Be Added In The Future:

Bee-related items from Creeping Winter, the Enchanted Grass and Soul Lantern artifacts, the Rapier swords, and the Burst Crossbows.

Mobs will not be added in this mod, I am planning to make a separate mod for that. Development has already been started for it, feel free to join the Discord to check it out.

Compat with bagu_chan’s Enchant With Mob is planned, so stay tuned for the Spellbound Crossbow and the Unchanting enchantment.


If you are looking for a Fabric mod that adds gear from Minecraft Dungeons, check out chronosacaria’s MC Dungeons Weapons mod.

Discord: Infamous Misadventures


This mod is NOT made in MCreator.
All assets come from Minecraft Dungeons, and have been modified to fit the style of vanilla Minecraft.

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