Minecraft Mod Ears 1.16.3



Faithful fancy fashion features for fuzzy folk.


Available for Forge 1.12, 1.14, 1.15, and 1.16 + Fabric 1.14, 1.15, and 1.16. Forge 1.14 and 1.15 releases REQUIRE MixinBootstrap.

Fabric releases do not require Fabric API. Forge releases are marked as Beta and Fabric as Release so they’re easy to see in the sidebar.

CurseForge only shows the latest 3 Minecraft versions. All versions listed above are currently supported. Just check the Files list.


Created due to a lack of the Tails mod for 1.16, Ears is a simple mod that adds ears and tails to the player.


The Ears areas are 16×8 and render flat centered above the player’s head, and the Tail is 8×12 and renders rotated near the base of the back of the player’s torso. Unlike Tails, all these regions are purely 2D, and have a somewhat more vanilla-faithful appearance as a result.


Why use Ears? Because Ears is an incredibly simple mod and is easy to port to other versions. The Tails mod has wonderful 3D models and animations, but it’s a burden to update it to any version due to its large rendering system and all the data syncing code. Ears stores all data in the player’s skin, and adds literally 4 new quads to the player render that are attached to existing parts of the player. CustomPlayerModels is even heavier in this regard, and actually making a model for CPM can be an ordeal for a newcomer. Making a skin compatible with Ears is easy.


As Ears is a very simple mod with the sole purpose of allowing character customization across a wide range of versions, requests for porting to new versions are ENCOURAGED. Is there a version you still play nobody else seems to care about? Rift 1.13? Forge 1.4.7? Fabric Alpha 1.2.6? Let me know in the issues.


Please check the wiki for information on how to make skins that are compatible with Ears.

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