Minecraft Mod Enderium in the End 1.16.3


What is Enderium?

It is a mod thats affected by Minecraft’s 1.16 nether update. It adds stronger items than diamond that matches netherite level.



It needs nether and end content together. In order to craft the Ancient Rune you need 2x Netherrite Scraps and 7x Ender Pearls.

Enderium Ores can be found at the lower levels of floating islands of the End. On breaking an enderium ore there will be a sparkle of portal effects and an Enderium Dust will be dropped.

You will need 8x enderium dusts covering an ancient rune in a crafting table to craft an Enderium Ingot.

After having the ingot you need to have the diamond gears to upgrade to Enderium tier just as you do with netherrite ingot by using a smithing table.


All Items



Every set piece grants +1.5 Max Health but same armor and tougness with netherrite set. Its tools are slightly better than netherrite ones.



Set effects added for wearing a full set of Netherrite or Enderium.


They can be toggled on and off with shift-rightclick to an empty space while sneaking and wearing full set.



– As an owner i do not allow my mod to be reposted in other sites rather than curseforge.

– Feel free to use in modpacks if you want.


Nowadays, i don’t have much time to spent therefore, if you are urgent i have an instagram account just for curseforge.

Direct link: https://www.instagram.com/baranhan123/

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