Minecraft Mod FTB Essentials 1.16.3


Adds many essential utility commands for servers:


Misc commands:

/kickme – Kicks yourself from server (in case the bed bug ever returns)

/trashcan – Opens an inventory where items get deleted when placed in and closed

/leaderboard – Not implemented yet

/rec – Not implemented yet

/hat – Puts item currently in main hand in helmet slot making it your ‘hat’

/nick – Changes nickname in chat


Cheat commands:

/heal – Heals player to full HP and food bar

/fly – Toggles flight

/god – Not implemented yet

/invsee – Allows to view and edit other player inventories

/nickfor – Changes nickname for another player in chat

/mute – Mutes player

/unmute – Unmutes player

/teleport_last – Teleports to last known player location


Teleport commands:

/back – Teleports to previous location. Can be used multiple times

/spawn – Teleports you to spawn

/rtp – Teleports you to random location in world, tries to find a non-ocean, safe place to land


/home [name] – Teleports to a home

/sethome – Sets home

/delhome – Deletes a home

/listhomes [player] – Lists all player homes


/warp – Teleports to a warp

/setwarp – Sets warp

/delwarp – Deletes a warp

/listwarps – Lists all warps


/tpa – Requests teleportation to player

/tpahere – Requests player to teleport to you

/tpaccept – Accepts request (will have a button for it on screen)

/tpadeny – Denies request (will have a button for it on screen)

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