Minecraft Mod FullyRandom 1.16.3


FullyRandom is a mod for Forge created to add an infinite amount of features to Minecraft. Focusing on adding random aspects to the normal Minecraft grind including ores, dimensions, tools, armor, blocks, mobs, and bosses. With over 18 quintillion possible seeds for the items and blocks created in the game you have a almost endless amount of possibility.


Inspired by Jay Exci’s video on how to add infinite features to Minecraft with one update.


This mod is still in its early stages, so don’t expect it to be done. This mod should not crash your game with other mods installed (unless using old versions), currently working on whatever easy thing is in my ideas chat on discord. I recommend installing JEI, or you can just try and find out by yourself.


Join my discord server where you can give me ideas and help if you can.

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