Minecraft Mod FX Lib 1.16.3


FX Lib is a small library that adds a few easily used particles for mod makers.

FX Lib adds multiple particle effects that mod makers can use to greatly enhance there mods visual quality.


Current FX


Arc – Arc FX is a lightning-like particle that can be added to the world by using ParticleDispatcher.arcFX(startX, startY, startZ, targetX, targetY, targetZ, red, green, blue).


Generic = Generic FX is a very universal particle that can be ran using any resource location as a sprite of textures. 

Generic FX can be added to the world be running ParticleDispatcher.genericFx(x, y, z, motionX, motionY, motionZ, GenPart part)

GenPart holds many different variables such as resource location, age, red, green, blue, alpha[], scale[], rotation and more. GenPart also stores gridsize, gridsize is equal to the particle file size / particle size.




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