Minecraft Mod GalaxyAPI 1.16.3


GalaxyAPI is a great tool for your Fabric mods. With it you are able to add automatically lots of functions such as registering Tabula models for entities and even blocks!

 This mod does not add playable content and is purely a library for other mods to use.



 GalaxyAPI requires Fabric Loader and Fabric API 


Some features are:
Model Base:

– Load a model pose.

– Check if pose is roughly loaded.

– Load a Tabula model for blocks and entities.

– Interpolate to pose.

– Check if a pose is loaded.

Gender data.

And a lot more.

Some features are still work in progress so there may be minor bugs.



This project is still in a very early stage.


This mod is purely for Fabric and we have no plans to port to Forge.

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