Minecraft Mod Goo 1.16.3


In this mod most things in the world are comprised of 19 kinds of goo.


1. You can break down items in the gooifier to get their goo.

2. You can target an item in the solidifier to turn goo into that thing.

3. You can throw goo in the world and different goo does different things.

4. You can mix/change certain kinds of goo into other kinds of goo with late game machines.





Latest 1.16.3:
Aequivaleo v 0.0.105-ALPHA-universal.jar
Patchouli 1.16.2-44


Aequivaleo v 0.0.104-ALPHA-universal.jar
Patchouli 1.16-39

The mod is under heavy construction. Report any bugs to the issue tracker, but also be mindful of existing reports if you wish to contribute (new issues only, if you’d be so kind)

If you’d like to follow progress on the mod, feel free to join our Discord!

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