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We’ve been getting reports of players infected by a strange new disease. Days after infection we’ve seen strange, aggressive behaviors from them. After further inspection we found it is a parasite. Now named Immortuos Calyx, it poses a high threat to our way of life. We have developed a cure… but it’s imperfect, and we can not risk distribution at this time. Stay safe, cook your food, and avoid infected individuals at all costs.

Immortuos Calyx is a parasite loosely based off of the Velonaceps Calyx parasite from Barotrauma.

Immortuos Calyx slowly infects the player over time, ingraining itself in the host’s organs, and providing all sorts of trouble (and in certain conditions, benefits!)

Here is a rundown of all the items in the mod so far:

Calyxide – Cures the infection from a player by 40%, withers fully infected individuals. May be lethal in later stages of infection
General Antiparasitic – Cures the infection by 10%, but only if the active infection is below 40%. Gives the player an infection resistance divisor that decays to normal over time. Will cause some internal organ damage
Immortuos eggs – Infects an injected player with the parasite.
Infection scanner – when an entity runs over this tile, if they are infected with the parasite, it gives off a redstone signal, otherwise it disables the redstone signal.
Health scanner – A better, more portable version of the infection scanner, gives the statistics of the target’s health precisely.


And here is a rundown of the mechanics of the infection:

Infection mechanics:
The infection runs through four general stages, updating by 1% every 450 ticks

Passive: 1-39%, sends a warning message at 10 and 25%, no side effects

Transition: 40-59%, at 40% the parasite stops you from communicating with your friends through chat. You’ll emit unnatural noises as you attempt to chat.
At 50%
you become contagious. See contagion mechanics for more information.

Active: 60-94% At 60%, you get slowness in hot environments, and speed in cold environments.
At 75%,
you will be injured by 2 hearts of damage when you attempt to use calyxide. This increases by 2 hearts every 5% from here on.
At 85%,
you get weakness in all environments except cold ones. In a cold environment, you get strength,

Lethal: 95%+ – At 95%, without health boosts, an attempted cure would kill you, as the parasite is too far ingrained. You receive blindness at this point.
100%+ –
The infection will begin to kill the host. If it successfully kills the host itself, it will assume direct control with full vitality (Producing an infected human entity)

Contagion mechanics:
Contagion works with a simple math equation. X = contagious player’s infection level, Y = target’s armor value, Z = resistance divisor.
(X – (Y * 2))/Z – For example, if you have a 75% infection, and your friend has full diamond armor with no additional resistance to the infection
75 – (20*2) = 35, for every hit, your friend would have a 35% chance to be infected.

When you infect a player, a moderate chunk of the parasite you’re carrying will leave you to infect the new host. Your infection rate is reduced by 5%.

Fully infected entities have a contagion level of 95, and any other zombie has a contagion level of 20.

Raw foods can also cause infection. It ignores armor value and has a contagion level of 10.

Modpacks: Sure
Videos and media: Sure
Stealing the mod and calling it your own: No
Using bits of code I made in your own mod: When I make it open source (Soon) Sure. If you’re using a full file or something though, it’d be nice if you gave me credit in the relevant files.
Porting the mod to newer versions: If this doesn’t update for about two major updates, I don’t mind. Unless I changed this permission line.

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