Minecraft Mod It’s the little things 1.16.3


Adds those small features you didn’t know you needed.



Allow you to make the Modpack yell at people using 32 bit versions of java

Note: This is off by default in versions 1.0.2 and older.


Allows you to make Minecraft open to full a fullsize window instead of the normal small one.

Allows you to set the title of the Minecraft window.

Allows you to change the icon of Minecraft in the taskbar.


Itlt can also auto-detect these things if you are using the Technic Launcher without you having to configure anything. Works out of the box.


From version 0.0.6:

  • Add a custom dedicated server to the server list.


    Features to come:

    This mod will never add any blocks or items to the game.




    Feel free to use the mod.

    Download All version Minecraft Mod Links


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