Minecraft mod jdawg3636’s Bleach Mod 1.16.3


After poking around on the internet, I found that there were not any properly made mods that added the essential feature of bleach. I deemed this unacceptable, so I created my own.


The mod adds bleach, Windex, and Blocks of Solidified Bleach. Bleach and Windex will both cause death upon consumption. Blocks of Solidified Bleach will cause death when broken or right-clicked.


Note: Versions for pre-1.12 MC are no longer supported. 1.7.10 in particular is not recommended, but they are all pretty sketch. Update your MC kids.


This mod, including all art, is freely available under the MIT license.
Source: https://github.com/jdawg3636/BleachMod/

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