Minecraft Mod JustTimm’s Vanilla Additions 1.16.3


Vanilla Additions is a 1.16.3 Resource Pack that uses the vanilla and Optifine features to make Minecraft more varied, adds custom GUI’s, adds features from other Minecraft games and our main goal: Blend and changes biomes to be more unique.


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  - 🧊 Custom Block Textures
  - ✏️ Custom Item Textures
  - 🗑️ Custom GUI’s
  - 📋 Highlighted (colored) texts
  - 🧱 Random Block Textures
  - 🐔 Random Mob Textures
  - 🏷️ CEM/CTM/CIT
  - 💡 Emissive Textures
  - 📦 Connected Textures

  Biome Based:
  - ⛰️ Block/Overlays
  - 🐷 Mobs
  - ⛅ Sky
  - 🌊 Water


Recommended settings:

Video Settings -> Details…
– Trees: Fancy/Default/Smart
– Swamp Colors: ON

Video Settings -> Quality…
– Emissive Textures: ON
– Connected Textures: Fancy/Fast
– Custom Sky: ON
– Custom Entity Models: ON
– Random Entities: ON
– Custom Items: ON
– Custom GUIs: ON

For people with shaders:
– Waving Grass: Off
(This is because you can sometimes you see a grass texture on a place where it shouldn’t be.)


To see everything that’s in Vanilla Additions, have a look at the new documentation.





Snowy Taiga:


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          – 🌎 PlanetMinecraft


📝Version: 1.4.1


                 Vanilla Additions

                  Resource Pack




+   UPDATE [1.4.1]   

     By: JustTimm


* Custom Item Models
– Fixed an issue where all boots weren’t horizontal when dropped on the ground.
– Changed the Firework Rocket to have the vanilla rotation when dropped on the ground.


* Entities
+ Changed the Spectral Arrow to match the item version.


* Particle
+ Changed the particle of the following blocks to match the block texture:
+ Chest
+ Ender Chest
+ Changed the particle texture to have less particles:
+ Cauldron
+ Hopper
+ Composter


* Other Fixes
+ The water in the cauldron is now transparent.


          – Vanilla Additions Christmas Edition


Can I use this Resource Pack in a video?

          – Yes of course!


Can I use your property files for my Resource Pack?

          – Yes but only as a template.


May I use your textures/models?

          – No. Only if you get my permission.


Where can I find a list of all the features in the Resource Pack?

          – There will be a documentation #soon!


How can I submit a bug? 

          – Click on the “Issues” Tab at the top of this page, then click “New issue” and fill in all the fields.


How can I download the Resource Pack?

          – Click on the “Files” tab at the top of this page, then click on down arrow on the latest file.


I don’t want these resources to be used for your own (Resource Packs(s)/Mods and other artwork.)


Thanks in advance.


* Minecraft with Vanilla Additions image by: Ewanhowell5195

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