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This mod is based on Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus Series.  It adds the magic of Greek mythology to Minecraft through the addition of Gods, Demigod claiming, Altars, Blessings, Magic Metals, and more.  This mod is not in its final stage as I still have plenty of features to add such as mobs, other dimensions, and more gods.

This mod is not yet optimized for use with other mods and may have texture issues when running with other mods.  I will be attempting to repair this issue in a future version of the mod.  Feel free to contact me on Discord if you notice any other issues: https://discord.gg/6qBxUQB

I am currently looking for people to help with mod development; specifically texture creation.  If you are interested in helping in the development of this mod, or just interested in the mod in general, join the Discord server above.

In the future, I plan to do Devlog-esque videos on the development of this mod.  You can find them on my YouTube Channel Techtheory: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCec_rfbSM8NQU5n36-7nCiw

There is also a Trello board for the mod development here: https://trello.com/b/RII7SsC2


When you first join the game, within ~30 min you will be claimed by one of the “Big Three”: Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades.  With this godly claiming, you gain certain mana-based abilities.  In a future update, I will be adding a mana bar, but for now you should be able to type /lh getmana to see your mana amount.  You can also use /lh for setting your mana, getting your parent, or setting your parent.


Primary Ability(V-Key): Call Lightning

Passive Ability: Flight


Primary Ability(V-Key): Riptide Launch(While in water)

Passive Ability: Water-Breathing


Primary Ability(V-Key): Resource Call(Call all the resources below in a 3×3 area

Passive Ability: Second Life(Like a Totem of Undying)

Gameplay Photos

Here are some photos of all the new blocks, metals, and tools added to the game.  These include: Copper, Tin, Silver, Lead, Bronze, Imperial Gold, Celestial Bronze, Bone Steel, Meteoric Iron, and Adamantine.

Weapons made from Godly Metals such as Celestial Bronze, Imperial Gold, Meteoric Iron, and Adamantine, will only harm Monster Entities such as Zombies, Skeletons, etc.

In the final photo, there are some extra weapons and items.  This includes: Anaklusmos, Ivlivs, the Pearl of Persephone, Backbiter, Aegis, Katoptris, and Annabeth’s Invisibility Cap.  Anaklusmos and Ivlivs are found as a pen and a coin respectively.  They can be right-clicked to transform into their weapon forms and shift-right-clicked to turn back into their pen and coin forms.  The Pearl of Persephone currently will transport you back from the Nether on right-click.  Backbiter will harm both monsters and normal entities.  Aegis, while blocking, will scare entities away, but will use up durability.  Katoptris currently hasn’t had its features implemented.  Annabeth’s Invisibility cap will turn the wearer invisible while using durability.

The altar is built with marble bricks and marble brick stairs, or black marble bricks and black marble stairs.  On the 4 corners, put marble pillars(or black marble pillars) 3 blocks high.  In the center place a celestial bronze block and on top a single pillar.  The altars can be made with both marble and black marble.

Right click with an Oak Sapling on the center pillar for the Blessing of Zeus which is flight.

Right click with a Trident on the center pillar for the Blessing of Poseidon which is water-breathing.

Right click with a Bone on the center pillar for the Blessing of Hades which is a second-life.

To craft a Bronze Ingot, place a Copper Ingot and Tin Ingot in the new Forge Block

To craft a Dull Adamantine Ingot, place a Silver Ingot and a Diamond in the new Forge Block

The Forge can be crafted like a furnace with Polished Blackstone

Dull Adamantine, Gold, and Bronze Ingots can be enchanted in the Enchanting Table to create Adamantine, Imperial Gold, and Celestial Bronze.

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