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Have you ever wanted to have the weapons from Minecraft Dungeons in your Minecraft world? Well, now that’s possible! MC Dungeons Weapons aims to (eventually) bring all of these weapons, and more, from Minecraft Dungeons to Minecraft.


This mod was inspired by the amazing CIT texturepack by Kai1907, which allows you to have (at least visually) these weapons as well as a variety of other items. Kai1907 has allowed for his art to be used in the making of this mod. Please show him some support and check out his awesome texturepack and his YouTube channel!


Thank You!

Thank you, so much, for over 6000 downloads! I never thought that so many people would be interested in my mod and I am so happy that you all are enjoying it! It really encourages me to keep developing it and working on other related mods! 🙂




Right now, there are more than 40 new weapons to the game ranging from flails to katanas. They all have crafting recipes and they show up in REI, which isn’t required, but is HIGHLY recommended. Recipe book recipes are still being worked on as they are way more cumbersome that one might expect.



Version 1.1.3 — Bos and Bows Update

   Now available for the following versions:

– 1.16.1

– 1.16.2

– 1.16.3

Added Reach Entity Attributes and gave staves, spears, and glaives reach

Reworked McdwSpear to McdwLong and changed longs, which includes spears, glaives, and staves. Changed the base from swordItem to tridentItem; the plan is to make spears throwable at some point

Reworked Spears to Longs, see above note

Added some of the groundwork to allow for spears to be thrown

Added base for bows (McdwBows) and the Longbow item

Added groundwork for bow items, including some models and textures

Added recipes for Longbow, Battlestaff, Battlestaff of Terror, and Growing Staff

Updated FabricAPI requirements and Fabric Loader requirements

Probably a lot of other things that I forgot


Version 1.1.0

   Now available for the following versions:

– 1.15.2 (likely the only release for this version)

– 1.16.1

– 1.16.2

– 1.16.3

Added Rapier, Beestinger, and Freezing Foil



I am currently working on a companion mod that would bring the enchantments from Dungeons to the game as well. Hopefully, I will be able to tie them together and bring these weapons to life.



Would you like to have MC Dungeon Weapons translated into your language? Please submit your translation on the GitHub page and I’d be glad to add it!


Currently Available

English – US — Chronosacaria

English – GB — Chronosacaria

German – DE — Kai1907

Simplified Chinese – 中文 — Chronosacaria

Spanish – ES — Chronosacaria



Q: Can I use your mod in my modpack?
A: Absolutely! I only ask that you provide a link back to this page.


Q: I’ve seen your mod on other sites. Did you post it and are they safe?
A: I have not, nor do I plan to, post my mod on any other sites than Curseforge or my GitHub page. If you have downloaded my mod from somewhere else, 1. It isn’t from me and 2. It may have some kind of malicious files or have been modified in some way. I urge you to delete the file, run a full virus and malware scan and, if you want to use MC Dungeons Weapons, come and download it on CurseForge or from GitHub.


Q. Forge?

A. I would rather focus my time on creating the Fabric version. However, there is a wonderful Forge mod called Dungeons Gear by the_infamous_1 which can be found below.

  Dungeons Gear


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