Minecraft Mod Mo’Enchantments 1.16.3


Requires Fabric

This Mod adds multiple enchantments!(with more to come)

  • Veining – for Pickaxes
  • Timber – for Axes
  • Alpha Fire – For Shovels, Axes, and Pickaxes
  • Familiarity – For Axe and Sword(Credit to Reddit User: electric_necropolis)
  • Curse of the End – Armor
  • Imbued – Axe and Sword
  • Soulbound – All Items
  • Chaos – Bows
  • Curse of the Trooper – Bows
  • Marksman – Bows
  • Please Submit any issues[Issue] you find or enchantment concepts[Suggestion] you’d like to see added at:


    If you don’t have/want a GitLab account you can also email issues into

    Also check out the configurable settings under /config/

    Effect of enchantment’s are listed in the wiki

    This mod may be added to any modpack. Just send me a link!

    This mod may only be rehosted as part of a mod pack!

    I will not port this mod to Forge, but this mod is open source so feel free to take a crack at it!

    Download All version Minecraft Mod Links


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