Minecraft Mod Name Pain 1.16.3


Recolor the nameplates of players & mobs based on health or for cosmetic purposes. Color & transparency are configurable. Now you can see just howpoorlyyour friends are doing and keep a better eye on your pets without extra visual clutter like scoreboards.

See what happens to Steve’s name with (old) default configs:

See the names of your tamed pets anywhere, to keep a better eye on them (optional):

And more can be customized than a name’s color on a nameplate.
Plates themselves can be recolored from their default transparent black:

If you just want to change nameplate coloring without health-based change, set all Min Health RGBA values equal to their corresponding Max Health RGBA values. If you want to hide nameplates from your screen, set each Alpha all the way down to 0.

Download Notes:
Only clients need this mod.
Forge available for MC 1.7.10 – 1.16.3
Fabric available for MC 1.14.1 – 1.16.3
Fabric releases are marked as Beta for your convenience under Recent Files.
Only Alpha downloads should be considered unfinished/untested.

Version Notes:
• MC Forge 1.13+: config GUI is gone. The .toml config file is reloaded when the game is unpaused.
• MC 1.14+: vanilla’s Accessibility Settings > Text Background: Everywhere won’t apply to nameplates.
• MC Fabric 1.14+ and Forge 1.15+ add support for hiding item frame nameplates.
• MC 1.15+: MC-162693 is a vanilla bug caused by sneaking. Please vote for the issue on that page!

Mod spotlight of v1.15.2-1.1.1 (outdated), courtesy of SuntannedDuck2:
0:30 Self-healing test – 2:38 Named mob tests – 3:24 Config file review – 7:08 Custom colors test

Visit the Issues tab for known issues or to add your own. Other feedback is always welcome in comments, on the forum, or by PM.

Many, many animals were harmed in the making of this mod.
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