Minecraft mod Nice To Have (Fabric) 1.16.3


Nice To Have is a mod about adding small features that are…well…nice to have, without disrupting the vanilla experience.



  • Gold Button: Emits a 1-tick Redstone signal when pressed.
  • Dispensers facing upwards or downwards can place and break ladders. (Ladder breaking requires empty dispenser).
  • Dispensers can now plant crops and saplings.
  • Wrench for rotating blocks.
  • Throw-able dynamite sticks (dispensers can throw them too!). Crafted from TNT or found in mineshafts.
  • Chain links for crafting chain-mail armor.
  • And more!



    Discord: https://discord.gg/3kAN8vC


    Q & A:


    Q: If I find a bug or get a crash report, where should I post it?
    A: Please post it on the issue tracker where it is easier for me to keep track of bug reports; any issues posted in the comments section will most likely be ignored.


    Q: Can you port this to Forge/Rift/other mod-loaders?

    A: No, I really don’t want to maintain ports of this for multiple mod-loaders. It’s just too much of a hassle/time-sink to be worth it.


    Q: Will earlier versions of Minecraft continue to be supported.
    A: No.


    Q: When is the next version coming out?
    A: I don’t give out ETAs as I would most likely miss it.


    Q: Can you please add X Y Z?
    A: If it fits in with the mod and I feel like adding it.


    Q: Is there somewhere where I can look at a complete list of features, recipes, etc.?
    A: There is currently a wiki in-progress which you can go to by clicking the link at the top of this project page. Be warned that it is far from complete at the moment.

    Q: Can I add this to my mod pack?
    A: Yes, but please link back to this page.

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