Minecraft Mod Pet Names 1.16.3


Requires the library mod Collective.

     This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.
Pet Names is a minimalistic configurable mod which gives tamable baby animals a pre-defined name. Wolves, cats, horses, donkeys, mules and llamas can be named, if enabled in the config.

The mod contains a list of 5000+ names, one of which is randomly chosen when a baby animal enters the world.

_useFemaleNames (default = true): 
_useMaleNames (default = true): 
nameWolves (default = true): 
nameCats (default = true): 
nameHorses (default = true): 
nameDonkeys (default = true): 
nameMules (default = true): 
nameLlamas (default = true): 

It’s a lovely surprise to see what name nature has given the baby:

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