Minecraft Mod Productive Bees 1.16.3



Productive Bees adds resource bees and advanced beehives allowing you to put your bees to work creating resources fully automated. Productive bees are just as derpy as it’s vanilla cousin, but makes up for it in usefulness.

This mod adds 50 new bees and 32 new advanced beehives capable of producing your favorite resources. Some of the bees are solitary and will only live in solitary nests around the world.


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Advanced Beehive

– Bees inhabiting the advanced beehive will produce resources for you

– Resources can be extracted automatically

– Honey will be harvested automatically

– Advanced hives are comfortable and bees living in here will not mind the hive being harvested

– Can be expanded using an expansion box

– Comes in your favorite wood flavour if combined with Buzzier Bees


Expansion Box

– Make room for more bees in your advanced hives

– Adds room for 2 more bees for a total of 5

– Looks good



– Extract resources from combs produced by your bees.

– Get beeswax if added by another mod


Slimy Nest

– Home for slimy bees, found in swamps


Solitary Nests

– Homes for solitary bees can be found dotted around the world. They will live almost anywhere.

– Sand, Stone, Dirt, Gravel, Wood, Glowstone, Quartz ore, Obsidian and End Store


Dragon Egg Hive

– Hollow dragon eggs make great homes for Draconic Bees




Bee Cage

– Capture and keep your bees safe during transport

– Ugly texture, super useful


Honey Treat

– Calms down angry bees

– Heals bees

– Baby bees who eat this will grow strong


Honey Bucket

– Makes a mess



Iron Bee:

– Produces iron

– Must be bred


Gold Bee:

– Produces Gold

– Must be bred


Lapis Bee:

– Produces Lapis Lazuli

– Must be bred


Redstone Bee:

– Produces redstone

– Must be bred


Emerald Bee:

– Produces emeralds

– Must be bred


Diamond Bee:

– Produces diamonds

– Must be bred


Crystalline Bee:

– Produces nether quartz

– Found in the nether


Glowing Bee:

– Produces glowstone

– Found in the nether


Magmatic Bee:

– Produces magma cream

– Found in the nether


Blazing Bee:

– Produces blaze powder

– Must be bred


Ender Bee:

– Produces ender pearls

– Found in the end

– Only likes the sweet taste of chorus flowers

– Lazy, prefers to teleport instead of flying


Skeletal Bee:

– Produces bonemeal

– Moves into unlit and available hives during nighttime



– Produces rotten flesh

– Moves into unlit and available hives during nighttime


Wither Bee:

– Only likes withered roses


Draconic Bee:

– Found in the end (rare)

– Resources gathered from this bee can be crafted into dragon eggs


Dye Bee:

– Produces dyes based on which flowers it has pollinated


Lumber Bee

– Collects wood chips from nearby trees

– Wood chips can be crafted into logs


Rancher Bee

– Milk is this bees sustenance of choice. Make sure a willing cow is nearby.


Farmer Bee

– Harvests nearby farm plants.


Hoarder Bee

– Collects items from the ground and puts them in it’s hive.


Solitary Bees:

– Different packaging

– Lives in solitary nests all around the world

– Doesn’t want to live in hives with other bees

– Used for breeding new species


Modded resource bees

– Bees for Copper, Tin, Brass, Bronze, Titanium, Lead, Silver, Electrum, Osmium, Refined Osmium, Refined Glowstone, Steel, Platinum, Uranium, Invar, Nickel, Zinc, Tungsten, Amber, Aluminium, Plastic, Silicon, Ender Biotite, Allthemodium, Vibranium and Unobtainium.
– Available if the resource is added by another mod.




– Sticky

– Heals bees





It’s a work in progress https://github.com/JDKDigital/productive-bees/wiki


Mod integrations:

Buzzier Bees: Different wood variants of the advanced beehive and expansion box are available if Buzzier Bees is installed along with the mods providing wood types for BB beehives.

The Bumblezone: Productive bees has a chance to spawn in The Bumblezone.


Special thanks to Bagel, author of Buzzier Bees, for permission to reuse beehive textures for advanced versions of the beehives introduced in BB.



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