Minecraft Mod Project Inception 1.16.3


Project Inception

Project Inception is a Fabric mod that lets you play a fully-featured Minecraft game…inside Minecraft!

v1.3.0 is out! Now with an actual config screen and a new web browser block (see below)

v1.3.1 – Partially fixes v1.3.0 for Linux. Should not affect other platforms. Linux bugs are still being hammered out.

Project Inception requires Fabric Loader and Fabric API.

There are currently no plans to port this to Forge, but anyone can try doing so under the license.

Getting Started

To get started with Inception, you’ll need to craft a few Blocks of Minecraft:

Place some Blocks of Minecraft, facing the same direction, in a wall formation. Then, right-click on a one of these blocks with an empty hand to activate an “inner” Minecraft game.

After a while, this screen should display a standard Minecraft loading screen. You now have Minecraft running inside of Minecraft!

To interact with the “inner” Minecraft game, you’ll need an Inception Interface:

Right-click the screen with an Inception Interface, and your keyboard and mouse input will be sent to the inner Minecraft game.

Depending on your fps, this input might be a little laggy, but should still be playable.
To stop sending input to the inner Minecraft game, press F12 (keybind configurable under the “Project Inception” category).

Enter the Taterwebz

With the power of potatos, you’ve found a way to connect to the magic of the “Internet”:

Just like Blocks of Minecraft, build a wall of Taterwebz Blocks and right-click when an empty hand to form a display. Use the Inception Interface to capture input.

Note that currently browsers are completely client-side, meaning that any browser state will only exist locally, and will not be sent to other players.
Browser sync will be coming soon™!


To configure Java VM arguments for inner games, display resolution, and other options, install Modmenu and open the config screen.
(You can also edit the config file config/project-inception.cfg manually.)


As of right now, things are mostly stable. However,
I cannot make any guarantees that this mod will
work on your computer.

Because this mod essentially runs 2 Minecraft games, you’ll probably need
a decent computer to run this mod at a playable fps.

If the mod crashes during the “Project Inception – Downloading/Initializing CEF” phase, please submit a bug report.

Browsers take a while to start for the first time. However, if one doesn’t show up at all, try checking the logs from the launcher and/or submit a bug report.

Please, please, do not post issues in the comments.
All issues should be reported on the github using Github Issues.

Before opening an issue, please check the below FAQ for some common answers.
If that didn’t help or you want more help, feel free to open an issue.
When opening an issue, please follow the template and include relevant logs in the form of an external pastebin link.


Project Inception now works on servers! However both
inception games and browsers are handled client-side.
Sync for browsers will be coming soon™.

Project Inception uses memory-mapped files for
interprocess communication. This means that this mod
WILL NOT work if you happen to run MC from a network drive.

Q: Why is multiplayer disabled in the inception’ed game?

A: Minecraft’s authentication system disallows you from
joining two servers at once. This is just a proactive
measure to prevent that from happening, if you are
using the mod on a server.

Q: HALP! My computer crashed with a KERNEL_MODE_HEAP_CORRUPTION!!!1

A: Try opening your modpack folder and deleting the
projectInception folder inside of it. You
may have to do this from a Command Prompt or Terminal.
While to the best of my knowledge this issue should have already
been fixed, if it does occur, please report to Github Issues.

Q: Forge support?

A: There are currently no plans to port this to Forge, but anyone can try doing so under the license.

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