Minecraft Mod Resource Pandas 1.16.3


With this mod you can convert panda’s into resource sneezing goldmines.



By default the mod comes with 9 example json files (located within the config/resourcepandas folder). These can be removed and exchanged for new ones if desired.

The jsons contain the following values:

  • id – The unique id for the supplied resource panda.
  • inputs – An array of items that can be used to convert a panda into the resource variant of the panda. You can also supply tags for example tag:forge:storage_blocks/coal
  • output – The item the panda can sneeze out. (If a tag is supplied it will chose the first item from that tag)
  • hexColor – The hex color the panda’s overlay will be. (Has to start with a #)
  • chance – the chance between 0 and 1 that a sneeze will produce an item. (0.6 = 60%)
  • alpha – the opacity of the overlay (by default this is 1.0)

    Obtaining a resource panda

    You obtain a resource panda by feeding it one of the specified input items.


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