Minecraft Mod Roguelike Dungeons – Fnar Edition 1.16.3


Roguelike Dungeons: Fnar Edition

This mod adds randomly generated dungeon complexes with custom loot tables and mobs to the world generation.

This project is a fork of Greymerk‘s masterpiece.

What’s different?

  • Automatically injects modded loot.
  • Dungeon settings can be organised in nested directories.
  • More control over what spawns on a per-room basis.
  • Actively in development.
  • … 1.15 ?
  • Some compatibility changes, like configuration renames. Please check out the change log for details.
  • Links

  • Change Log
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Issue Tracker
  • Wiki
  • Ask for help, make suggestions, or just chat with us in Discord
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