Minecraft Mod Sleepstone 1.16.3


Blarg is a dwarf that creates interesting and crazy inventions. His latest is the sleepstone. The sleepstone will allow the wielder to teleport back to their spawn location. Blarg has also found a way to prevent a spawn from being set without confirmation (sleeping bag effect!!!).

This mod provides an item that the player must craft. After which, they can use it to teleport to their spawn location. In addition, when the player tries to set their spawn point, via a bed, a confirmation menu will appear giving the player the choice of whether or not to set the spawn.
To unlock the recipe, place a bed in your inventory.
This is a forge mod for 1.16. I will not be making a port to fabric so please don’t ask. However, the code is on github so feel free.
Requires Blarg’s Workshop mod.

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