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Hello there!

You’ve found my new mod and that’s great!

I suppose you’re wondering what it does. Well, here’s a showcase image:



And here’s a list:



These machines can rip open space-time itself and draw resources from it!

To build one, first craft the main block. This will determine what type of resource to gather.

You’ll start with a tier-one machine, but will soon be able to upgrade, eventually to a maximum of tier-eight!


These upgrades require crystals. They are crafted with the shards that are produced by any harvester of the tier below the one they make.

For example:

Tier 2 machine puts out tier 2 shard.

9 tier 2 shards make tier 2 crystal.

Tier 2 crystal makes tier 3 machine.


The higher the tier, the faster the production, but also the higher the power consumption.

Next, you’ll need a Space Ripper. This guy will do the actual ripping of the space part.

Put that on top, a storage block below, provide power to the main block, and voila! You’re getting resources at a ripping rate! (Pun intended)

For additional rippage, you can also add more rippers to different sides!

Also, there aren’t any generators/power sources included, you’ll need another mod for that. I suggest Mekanism. There is one now! It’s only meant as a last resort, though.

I still suggest Mekanism, it’s a really great mod!


-Available Harvesters:

Ore Harvesters:

Gather ores, ya dingus!


Bio Harvesters:

Gather crops, seeds, dyes, and more!


Stone Harvesters:

Gather stone and cobblestone variants.


Soil Harvesters:

Gather clay, sand, gravel, and dirt variants.


Mob Harvesters:

Gather the drops of a simulated player kill of the configured mob using the configured weapon.

To configure it, you first need to make a Mob Key.

Then, sneak-hit any mob to bind it to the key. The mob itself won’t be affected.

If you want it to use a specific weapon, hold the key in your main-hand, said weapon in your off-hand, and break a block while sneaking. The block won’t actually break.

If you don’t configure a weapon, it’ll just use the simulated player’s hand.

Finally, right-click the Mob Harvester with the Mob Key to configure it. Sneak-right-click to clear its configuration.


– A Dimensional Applicator that gives the player the effects determined by the Effect Activators it’s connected to.

To bind to yourself, right-click with a Player Key. Sneak + right-click to unbind.

You can add additional effects with an Effect Key. Right-click to set, sneak + right-click to clear. They’ll be whatever effects you currently have. It’ll abort if you don’t have any.


– A simple Chunk-Loader with no tile entities that even does random ticks!


– A Heat Generator that produces 3 FE (Configurable) per tick per lava, fire, or magma block it’s touching.


– Config Options for every machine’s price and speed (Except for the Dimensional Applicator, whose speed is determined by the duration of its effects, which is configurable,).

Also configurable are every block’s harvestability, the Dimensional Applicator’s effects’ amplifiers, the Harvesters’ outputs, and the power output of the Heat Generator.


I recommend using JEI for recipes. This mod is for a minimum of Minecraft 1.15.2. No backports included!

However, it’s open-source under the MIT license, so feel free to take a look if you need help.

If you’re planning to backport to 1.12.2, though, you should probably just install Environmental Tech, by which this was inspired.

It also only supports Forge.

Modpack Policy:

Nonexistent! As far as I’m aware, the MIT license means I couldn’t even stop you if I wanted to.

Go nuts! Just please don’t redistribute with malware, that’s not very nice.


If you find an issue, please leave it in the issue tracker, linked above. I do check these comments as well as the tracker, it’s just for organization.

If it’s about a resource that’s not generating, please confirm this first.

For example, if it’s an ore, first check if it’s in the “forge:ores tag”. This should be easy to determine with JEI.

Also, try testing with a minimal amount of mods installed (just this, the mod in question, and JEI) so that there are fewer potential outputs getting in the way of the one in question.

Try putting one of the output item in the chest/barrel below so that any potential outputs have a slot to go into.


Thanks for reading! Also, check out my other work!

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