Minecraft Mod Splendid Pendants 1.16.3


Hey you! Yes, you!

Have you ever gotten tired of the slow swimming speeds of Minecraft? Want some absurd armor that only takes up one slot? How about a cross-shaped necklace that lets you fly?!!!

Well, boy, do I have the mod for you!


Presenting: Splendid Pendants!



With the power of this glorious creation, you can craft three different pendants and a locket.


Here they are:


The Atlantic Pendant:

Turns you into a mermaid when you’re submerged in water! It makes you swim really fast (Configurable) when you sprint and event gives you night vision!


The Knighthood Pendant:

Makes you really tough (Also configurable)! It only renders for three seconds after being hit, which is probably a good thing, given how bulky it is! It also gives a huge boost to your critical hits, which also renders it for the same amount of time. It also has some nice sound effects!


The Holy Pendant:

Gives you creative flight! It also renders a nice halo over your head, but only when you’re flying!


 Also, all of the pendants can be dyed via a slot for any dye-item (hopefully even modded ones!). If you want to wear all of them at once, look into making a locket. It has an inventory similar to that of the pendants,

but with three slots: one for each. There’s also a custom advancement for each pendant and the locket.


Enjoy! Also, check out my other work!

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