Minecraft Mod SuperAxes 1.16.3


Adds super axes that help chop down trees for easier wood resource gathering. Sneaking will make the tool work like a normal axe. If Harvest leaves is enabled, only leaves that have a vanilla mechanic to measure whether they are set to decay or not will be harvested. On all versions after snapshot version 20w20b, the enchantment Silk Touch works when harvesting leaves.





Netherite SuperAxe Recipe (Smithing Table)


🔗 Items’ Properties ↗️


Configuration screen:


The configuration screen allows selecting whether or not to harvest the leaves of the tree that is being chopped. In order to see the configuration menu, the mod Mod Menu (Fabric) is required.

When harvesting leaves is enabled, the Leaves scanning range decides the radius that will be used to check leaves for harvesting. A greater number will make it slower on forests that have trees connected by leaves since it will scan a greater radius to check if a leaf should be harvested or not.





  • If you change the item in the main hand to another item or throw the SuperAxe while the logs of the tree are being broken, the breaking process will stop.
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