Minecraft Mod Tech Reborn 1.16.3


Tech Reborn is a completely standalone tech mod including tools and machines to gather resources, process materials, and progress through the mod.

Tech Reborn for Minecraft 1.14+ uses Fabric. A Forge version is not planned going forward.

Tech Reborn for 1.14+ requires Fabric Loader, Fabric API and Reborn Core

Join the Team Reborn team discord for support or to chat about the mods: https://discord.gg/teamreborn 

Join the Fabric discord for to chat about Fabric mods in general: https://discord.gg/v6v4pMv

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  • Modmuss50 – Lead Developer
  • Drcrazy – Developer
  • Gigabit101 – Former Developer
  • Prospector – Former Developer & Former Texture Artist
  • Yulife – Former Texture Artist
  • The Chisel Team – Connected Textures if Chisel is installed
  • Tech Reborn is a mod for Fabric, and there are no plans to port this mod to Forge.

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