Minecraft Mod The Aurorian 1.16.3


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This mod adds a new dimension called The Aurorian, an eternal night forest, filled with magical plants and forgotten ruins. It has a few dungeons to explore and mobs/bosses to fight. I recommend also installing Patchouli as this mod adds a book that has information about how to get started! You can also check out our Discord to suggest new ideas or ask questions.

If your looking for a modpack to play this mod in, check out Aurora’s Adventurer!


Types of stuff Added:

  • Three new bosses with unique dungeons
  • Five music tracks by Reexy!
  • 11 new mobs (More to come)
  • Four new ores and toolsets
  • Tea!
  • And much more!


  • “Can I use this in my modpack?” – Yes.
  • “How do I make the portal?” – Using Aurorian Portal Frame Bricks, the portal frame follows the same rules as the nether portal, light with flint and steel.
  • “Can you update to (some future Minecraft version)?” – As of right now, no. Maintaining this version on my own has been difficult and I’m not ready for maintaining more.
  • “Is this mod stable enough to play?” – Yes, as far as I know. If you find any bugs please let me know ASAP. I’m mostly on The Aurorian Discord, but you can also post an issue on GitHub or PM me.
  • “The portal doesn’t work :C” If you’re playing a modpack like MC Eternal, the mod is gated through progression, I’ve heard you must first go to space.


  • Aurorian Discord
  • Aurorian Wiki
  • Music by Reexy
  • Aurorian based modpack

    Mod Integrations!:

  • Enchantment Descriptions
  • Tinker’s Construct
  • Construct’s Armory
  • CraftTweaker
  • Patchouli

    Patreon Supporters!:

  • No one yet 😮
  • Download All version Minecraft Mod Links


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