Minecraft mod The Veggie Way [FABRIC] 1.16.3


The Veggie Way Mod For Fabric

Minecraft 1.16.3

1.15.2 Fabric port by: lorilith/linguardium

The Veggie Way – A vanilla friendly way to get getter food without killing.

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I love playing Minecraft, but killing cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens for food always leaves me feeling a little guilty.  Why doesn’t Minecraft give you a way to craft high nutrition foods without resorting to eating cooked animal flesh?

The Veggie Way solves that problem!  

Note: There is a vegan option for protein with Red Quinoa!

By using the bounty of nature (apples, carrots, beets, etc.) and farm-fresh eggs and milk for some protein, you can now create high nutrition foods. 

Superfood drinks and bars are as good as vanilla cooked meats.

Here is how it works:

– Collect some Drying Agent from from sand with a Hand Rake, its silicate from millions of years of volcanic dust in the soil (20% chance)

– Red Quinoa, Corn, Lentil, and Soybean Seeds drop from dirt and grass blocks with a Hand Rake (10% chance), plant on farmland to grow crops

– Raise some chickens to get eggs or grow some Red Quinoa, Lentil, or Soybean – used to craft protein powder

– Farm some carrots – used to craft vitamin powder

– Farm some apples or beets – used to craft fructose powder

– Farm some Wheat – used to craft wheatgerm powder

– Farm some Cocoa Beans – used to make caffeine powder

– Farm some potatoes or corn – used to craft carb powder

– Keep a cow around because you will need some.milk [optional]

With these basic ingredients, you can start making drinks and bars (hunger and saturation values can be adjusted in the config file)

– Energy Drink restores (4) hunger

– Energy Bar- restores (5) hunger

– Superfood Shake – restores (7) hunger

– Superfood Smoothie- restores (7) hunger (vegan option)

– Superfood Bar – restores (8) hunger

 A few crops to grow for your protein needs:

Other Foods:

– Fried Egg

– Flour, made with Wheat and a Mill, used to make dough (which can be baked into bread)

– Fresh Tofu, made from cooked Soybean, cooked in a furnace to get vanilla eggs

– Apple Pie (no egg required)

– Melon Pie (no egg required)

– Sweet Berry Pie (no egg required)

– Chocolate Bar

– Cactus Chunk

– Pumpkin Chunk

– Melon Chunk

– Pumpkin Soup

– Cactus Soup

– Melon Soup

– Carrot Soup

– Super Petal Powder – a nice dietary supplement


Extra Bonus: Light torches by placing sticks on a campfire and make vanilla leather from Bamboo

All of the crafting is done on a vanilla crafting table, so no special machines are required



Mod Development Discord:  https://discord.gg/j7bYbkW


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