Minecraft Mod Vanilla Magic 1.16.3


Starting with 1.15.2 Vanilla Magic has been totally rewritten from the ground up.

It contains major performance improvements as well as upgrades in comparison to version 1.X.

Starting with 2.0 there is a new Quest GUI which can be opened by pressing “o” (configurable).

Please make sure that any issues that You find was not posted already.

Have Fun ^^




Vanilla Magic 1 (1.12.2 and older)

Post issues on Github, Please.


Since 1.12 VM have new Quest GUI which can be open in this way: take book, named “VM Questbook”, to right hand and Shift-Right-Click. (see Images)



After each update delete Your config/VanillaMagic folder !!!


All “basic” pictures are in “Images” section.


This mod doesn’t add any new ores, items or blocks.

The main focus of this mod is to give player magic abilities and powers with only vanilla Minecraft blocks and items.


Learning and progressing in mod is throught the Achievement and Event system.

You won’t be able to achieve the advanced recipes or powers without getting the low level achievements.


Currently in mod: (Over 140 Quests !!!) (Everything is available in custom CreativeTab) (I probably forgot about something)

-Altar Crafting (toss items into Altar and right-click with right wand)

-Altar Smelting (works like Furnace but You don’t need to wait) (should support other mods which adds smelting and fuel)

-Spell Casting System

-Entity Summoning System

-Item Magnet Quest (works like normal magnet). Hold 2 Nether Stars anywhere in Your inventory but as different stacks (1x Nether Star + 1x Nether Star)

-Vanilla Quarry !!!

-Arrow Machine-Gun

-Full Tree Cut

-ChunkLoader Quest

-Ore Doubling

-Moving blocks by book (Yes with inventory)


-6 Books with mod info inside

-Autocrafting Structure

-Acceleration Crystal (shift-right-click will speed ticks on TileEntity)

-Infinite Liquid Bucket (shift-left-click to spawn liquid block, right-click in distance to spawn liquid where the crosshair is)

-Liquid Suppression Crystal (hold in left hand and liquid around You will vanish and appear after some time)

-The Crystal of Mother Nature (right-click – works as inifinite bonemeal while in right hand, hold in left hand to speed up plants growing around You)

-Summon Horde Quest (be reeeealy prepared for the hardest battle in vanilla Minecraft)

-ItemUpgrade System

-Hopper not only picks up dropped items but also Blocks above it (Block Absorber)

-Item transport from one inventory to another with Inventory Bridge.

-Mob Spawner drops block and Book with entity data.


Mod Spotlight by:   wiredboy27    (version    PART 1


Mod Spotlight by:   wiredboy27    (version    PART 2


Mod Spotlight by:   ImagineUniverse    (version    PART 1


Mod Spotlight by:   ImagineUniverse    (version    PART 2


Mod Spotlight by:   ImagineUniverse    (version    PART 3

Currently implemented spells  (Since v0.0.3.0)
-Flint And Steel Clone

-Feel like Blaze -> Yes, Small Fireball

-Feel like Ghast -> Yes, Large Fireball + Explosion

-Teleportation !!! -> Look and teleport (Pssst, better than Ender Pearl)

-Meteor !!! -> Be careful 😉

-Summon Thunder

-Monster Summoning

-Fus-Ro-Dah !!! -> powerful repulse all mobs and animals around player

-Teleport to Nether (and back)

-Teleport to End (and back if You killed Dragon)

-Move in air (up to 10 blocks)

-Weather spells (rain, clear weather, thunderstorm)

-Pull Entity to Player (any Entity)

-Freeze Water (3×3)


This mod adds the new Achievement Page with all the Achievements/Quests.


(WARNING!   Every time that You want to upgrade Altar / earn achievement, You must replace the Cauldron.)


Tier 1 = Cauldron + Redstone around it

Tier 2 = Iron Blocks

Tier 3 = Gold Blocks

Tier 4 = Redstone Blocks

Tier 5 = Lapis Blocks

Tier 6 = Diamond Blocks

Tier 7 = Emerald Blocks


For testers – you can take 64x Command Block in left and right hand and right click while pointing in air to unlock all the quests.



Sejoslaw – Project Leader, coder

Kadriana – Tester

diablica82 – Tester


Thanks to all the people who helped with this project 🙂


Yes, You are free to redistribute this mod in any modpack.

Download All version Minecraft Mod Links


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