Minecraft mod Ward Blocks [FABRIC] 1.16.3


Ward Blocks Mod for Fabric

Minecraft 1.16.3

This mod introduces six area-effect blocks that provide various benefits and perks. They CANNOT be crafted, but found in various chests across the world and dimensions.

Growth – accelerates the growth of various plants, crops, and saplings in range

Health – provides regeneration and saturation to players in range

Defense – Inflicts damage to various mobs that come within range

Exp -Eliminates hostile mobs instantly and spawns XP orbs above block

Attack – Eliminates hostile mobs instantly with no drops

Loot – Eliminates hostile mobs and spawn various goodies above the block


All blocks are activated with a redstone signal

Various values of each block can be adjusted in the config file.


 Block icons from: https://game-icons.net

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