Minecraft Mod Wyrmroost 1.16.3


Re-imagining the world of Minecraft by filling it with diverse, tameable dragons that roam the new and beautiful worlds awaiting to be explored by those who dare to venture into such territories, where magic advances beyond enchanting, This, Is Wyrmroost.


Wyrmroost aims to add several diverse dragons which can be tamed and utilized for players and their needs. Whether it be for combat, farming, transportation, you name it. There’s probably a dragon for it.
But beware, taming a dragon isn’t an easy feat. You will find befriending such a creature will take hard work and dedication, depending on the dragon and situation.

Commonly Asked Questions


How do I tame this dragon?

There are many different ways to tame different dragons. If you want to know how, visit our Wiki.

Can you update/backport to ____?

Updating takes time. Wyrmroost will continue to try and stay on latest versions of minecraft, however please be patient! We are looking towards the future, so backporting features/entirely to older versions is NOT what we want to do.

Where’s the dimension and what are your plans for it?

The dimension is around the corner. Stay patient for our biggest update yet! Our plans are to make an overworld-style dimension with our own biomes and content along with countless dragons. But you’ll have to see what exactly we’re planning for.

Can I use Wyrmroost in my modpack?

Go Nuts!


If You have any further questions you can stop by your Discord! We’ll be happy to help

Issues / Bug Reports

If you found something that doesnt look right, is probably a bug, or is just flat out broken please head over to our Github to report it!

Additional Credits

Lagoon (Staff Member) – Dragon Fruit Drake model and texture, items, and other help

Novacraft (Staff Member) – Rooststalker model and texture

Moon (Former Dev) – Early Concept Art

Coda – Lesser Desertwyrm Item textures

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