New Future Ray Tracing Feature for Minecraft


New Future Ray Tracing Feature for Minecraft

Minecraft is about to bring real-time ray tracing (ray tracing technology) for people using graphics cards from the Nvidia RTX series. Nvidia and Microsoft announced this morning at the Gamescom fair in Cologne, Germany. Ray tracing technology will be coming to all PC Minecraft players in a common update.
New Upcoming Update: Ray Tracing Technology

“GeForge RTX will give the Minecraft world a whole new feel,” said Saxs Persson, one of the directors of Minecraft. For example, in normal Minecraft, a gold block only looks yellow, but you can see the reflection when ray tracing is on. ” said. As we understand here, RTX users will be able to use what we normally do using Shader Pack (shader), perhaps better than that, without any plugins.

Microsoft and Nvidia said they used a type of ray tracing technique known as “Path Tracking.” ‚ÄúPath tracking simulates how light is transported across a scene. “It offers a unified model for lighting calculations for many different types of effects that are traditionally implemented separately using rasterized or hybrid renderers.”

Thanks to ray tracing technology, we can say that the realism of the light coming from the sun, more realistic shadows and transparent surfaces such as water will look more realistic and achieve a beautiful appearance with light refraction and reflection effect. Microsoft and Nvidia have not yet announced the exact date of this upcoming update, but anyone using a graphics card from the RTX series will definitely benefit from this update.


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