Shamrock PvP Resource Pack 1.8.9


Shamrock PvP Resource Pack 1.8.9 Shamrock PvP is simply a resource pack which is breathtaking and just as its name implies, this resource pack has been aimed at the Minecraft’s audience who prioritize PvP above everything else. Unlike most conventional PvP packs, what this resource pack aims at is not to actually give this game some re-skin or even increase its execution. As opposed to that, this resource pack really manages to enhance its visuals by a huge extent as it improves its FPS at the same time. This makes it just perfect for those gamers who wish to get a good PvP experience without having to actually compromise the quality of this game’s visuals in a great way. The textures of this resource pack have a very unique art style which we haven’t actually come across before in the conventional PvP-themed resource packs.

Most PvP resource packs are characterized by a very simple look due to the fact that they make attempts to remove much detail away from its textures so that the game can be made to appear cleaner. The Shamrock PvP resource pack however uses a very different approach altogether. This resource pack actually contains very much detail in the textures; however, despite the fact that it possesses much detail, they still appear quite smooth & clean since there is no amount of noise that can be noticed to be present in the resource pack. This resource pack has got a x64 resolution that obviously comes in a surprise manner due to the fact that it is far much higher as compared to the common x16 resolution that we are used to which may even cause a drop in FPS. By luck, although, because of the resource pack’s high tier optimization, one will easily use this pack with a very solid frame-rate. This is possible regardless of whether one is playing Minecraft on a personal computer whose hardware is already outdated.

Shamrock PvP – Screenshots

Shamrock PvP Resource Pack 1.8.9Shamrock PvP Resource Pack 1.8.9Shamrock PvP Resource Pack 1.8.9Shamrock PvP Resource Pack 1.8.9

How to install Shamrock PvP Resource Pack

  • 1) Download resource pack from the link below.
  • 2) Launch Minecraft.
  • 3) On the Main menu > click “Options”.
  • 4) On the Options menu > click “resource packs”.
  • 5) Move the .zip file you downloaded to the “resourcepacks” folder.

Download Shamrock PvP Resource Pack

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